Wonderful Bay Window Design for Comfortable Space in Home

The greenhouse designed according to the model has the impression of being free because it adapts to its location right on the beach. With limited building material, the charm of its minimalist style does not look excessive and does not look cheap. On the contrary, this limited material has high quality which makes the room has a very open and modern atmosphere.


Thanks to the right proportion of the glass surface, the interior and exterior boundaries blend together, making the house feel bigger. This modern design creates a timeless style. Therefore, this house was created to be an inspiration for your dream home.

There is something interesting when looking at home designs designed by architects. They always design houses with large windows.

In fact, the window can be massive from floor to ceiling. This large window design makes the house bright because natural light can enter easily. In addition, large house windows also function to make residents have easy access to look out of the house.

If the scenery outside the house is cool and awesome, of course it is an added value. This can be seen from the house designed by US architect Robert Gurney. Gurney designed a beach house in Bethany Beach, Delaware state, USA. He applied a number of large, even massive windows. Very large windows are placed in the bedroom. In fact, all parts facing the beach are glass windows.

While sized windows are being placed in the workspace. The table was deliberately placed facing the beach. Well, if you are redesigning the house, try applying a large window in the house, especially the one facing the outside especially if your house is on the beach or near the mountains. Your house will look brighter plus you can look out.

Large windows are not comfortable. You can install dark windows. You can see easily outside, while outsiders cannot look inside. Or other solutions, you can install thin curtains. During the day, this curtain can prevent people from looking inside, but sunlight can enter.

Various parts of the kitchen built as a permanent part of the room are bathed in rich light from the dominance of the walls in this greenhouse. The choice of the color of the kitchen cabinet and the interior are uniformed in neutral gray stone making it look more elegant.

The wood element is maintained as a counterweight to the all-metal and gray styles found in the furniture and kitchen cabinet. This wood element is found on the ceiling, which uses pale wood blades, as well as on the frames of doors and windows with darker wood colors. Minimalist modern style from this house gets a little industrial touch from the fireplace pillar.