Useful and Remarkable Kitchen Rack Design


Kitchen rack is a must have item in your kitchen room. It happens as this rack is so useful to put plates, forks, bowls, cups, glasses, spoons and many more. In addition, this rack is able to make your dish to be very neat and well organized. Therefore, you are able to find what you look for and make your kitchen tidier. As a result, this article may help you in finding the kitchen rack which can be perfect for you and your kitchen. The information is provided in the following.


Kitchen storage racks consist of two models, namely closed and open shelves. In its use, you do not have to focus on just one model. Combining the two kitchen rack models can be a creative way to make a small kitchen more efficient and beautiful. For example, you can install a closed rack model at the bottom of the kitchen sink. While the open kitchen rack model as storage at the top of the kitchen sink.


If the kitchen rack is generally made attached to the wall, then this does not apply to this kitchen rack design idea. This kitchen rack is more like a cupboard that is left open on each side and not mounted on a wall. This storage rack design is quite attractive because it is flexible. So it can be moved to the other side of the kitchen when you want to change the atmosphere of the kitchen. In addition, the shelf design is fairly practical and able to store a lot of goods.


Kitchen rack inspiration by Krieger and friends

The first kitchen rack inspiration provided by this article refers to the one designed by Krieger and friends. This rack utilizes the counter space to save more space in your small kitchen. Krieger designs the rack as the pot rack which can be put over an island in your kitchen.


The mentioned kitchen rack stainless steel is able to accommodate many things over there. It is strong and stylish. That is why you can purchase this kind of kitchen rack for its function and design. However, you should take a note that this rack should be put over everyone’s head. It occurs to prevent any accident happens in your kitchen.


Kitchen rack inspiration by Esther Hershcovich

Another kitchen rack inspiration has been made by Esther Hershcovich. She has successfully made a kitchen with many useful kitchen racks to provide many things which a mother needs. These kitchen storage racks are divided into many types of racks such as traditional kitchen rack, upper kitchen rack, magnetic spice rack and hanging rack.


Those kitchen racks are well colored in mint color with white glossy brick wall as its background. Indeed, you will fall in love once you see this kitchen idea. You are able to bring this design for your beloved kitchen and beautify your home with this idea.


Kitchen rack inspiration by Jeannete Lunde

This kitchen which is designed by Jeannete Lunde is equipped with some lovable and romantic kitchen dish rack. This rack can be put on the wall which can be utilized to save more spaces for other stuffs. This rack is painted with the elegant white Danish color.


This rack is designed to bring you unordinary rack which not only serves its function but also beautifies your kitchen. This rack can make your kitchen become well-furnished room rather than the common kitchen. Indeed, this design can make your guests droll. Moreover, you will love your kitchen more.

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