Unique Coat Hook Ideas for Dramatic Look


If you are into details, you must pay attention to tiny accessories and stuffs, like coat hook. Is coat hook really important in a room? Yes, especially in a bedroom, where you usually hang your clothes or robes. Coat hooks are not always for coats only. You can also have coat hooks in any room for any kind of use. Yes, there are many kinds, types, designs, and colors of coat hooks out there. What you have to do is choosing the right ones, the unique ones, which could improve a dramatize look in a room.


One of the elements of interior decoration that can help tidy up the space is the clothes hanger. Yes, a clothes hanger is needed to put down your coat, scarf or hat that are used for daily life. It is certain, after every activity outside, we almost always put the jacket in any place we find, right?


As an interior component, usually the hook is actually placed in a rather hidden place, at least so as not to be seen by guests who come. In fact, with a little artistic touch, you can make the hook as an element that sweetens the interior. Here are some unique hanger models that can be applied to your home.


Scandinavian Coat Hook

Scandinavian coat hook is considered unique, because it has uncommon design, be it for hooks in one set or individual hooks. Wooden hooks are a perfect choice if you are into rustic style. There are some kinds of hooks which are made out of woods in one set. It’s recommended to have individual hooks which look like a door knob, installed in your wall.


This unique wooden hooks can be perfectly arranged in one spot of your wall. Or, maybe you want to choose metallic instead of wooden hooks. There’s one set of hooks out of metal, which can accommodate more than 5 coats at a time. It has many colorful hooks in one set.


For vintage coat hooks, it’s commonly formed in one set. The board is made out of woods, while the hooks are from metal. Or, you can choose both of them in metallic look. What makes it look vintage is its washed out and worn out look. If you choose wooden board, make sure it’s already look worn out. Same goes with metal. Yellowish rust in its board will improve the vintage point in it. Individual hooks which are made out of metal, with number in its body, will remind you with an oldies hotel rooms.


Standing Coat Racks

This kind of coat hanger is more preferable if you want whimsical look. There’s one which has tree shape in wooden material. There’s also the simple ones which only consist of some standing lines united together at its center. If you want something cheaper yet still unique, purchase wall sticker or wall decal in tree shapes. Make sure it’s big enough.


Next, in its branch, place one individual hook. Install at least 5 hooks in different branch. It will look like your coats or robes are hung in a 2D trees in your wall instead of real standing coat racks.

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