Transparent Modern Architecture Residential: A Trend That Is Still Going on

As you may already know, transparent modern architecture design was such a huge trend in the year of 2014. A thing that is interesting is that this trend is factually still going on in the year of 2020. However, it cannot be denied as well that some changes, which are factually more suitable to be called as upgrades, are found in this year.


These are not only something added in order to make the residential design to be different than before. Instead, these are as a matter of fact added in order to create an even better living place with transparent design, in which a lot of large-size glass windows are involved.

The Use of More Natural Values in the Design

The most significant changes that can be found transparent-style residential, no matter whether it is a house or modern architecture villa, is the addition of more natural values, especially in the building design. This can be used in the hardwood planks to cover most of the exterior part of the building.

Wooden material like this can also be found quite a lot in the home interior flooring as well as the choice of furniture to add more functions in the living space.

Some other types of natural materials can be added in order to create a stronger natural atmosphere in or around the home building is the use of stones. In the year of 2015, this material is more suitable to be used outside, especially on the walkway on the front part of the residence. With the combination between this material and the wooden material mentioned earlier, it is so certain that natural atmosphere can be felt significantly started from the outside of the house.

Architects apply white to all rooms in the house. In addition to paint, architects use white tiles. In fact, kitchen sets and household furniture are also white. This white application makes the house look brighter and wider. White paint does give an impression like that. Hmm, if you have the same land, do you want to make a similar house or not?

A More Perfect Location to Consider

For you who are interested in using transparent style in building your very own modern architecture house, there is another thing you need to know about. It is very important for you to consider the location of the house, including also where it will face.

This will not only allow the transparent feature works properly, particularly in giving the house more natural light in the interior. As a matter of fact, perfect location will also support the natural value of this modern architecture style. It would be even better if the location where the house is about to be built is surrounded by natural atmosphere from items can be found around it, including trees, woods, or even something more fascinating like river view.