Stylish House Plans Ideas for Small Family

If you’re starting a family and you want to have a stylish room without making it too extravagant, there are some small stylish house plans you can choose for free on the internet. In home design ideas, the important part is measuring the area you have.


Making house plans is not an easy job, especially for those of you who don’t have a background in architecture. But don’t worry, now there are many references to minimalist house plans that you can get on the internet.

Before pouring the dream minimalist home concept into a floor plan, you should study the land or building that you will use. Minimalist houses prioritize simple building designs with unique creative ornaments. This house is commonly found in big cities.

Well, you already know why minimalist homes are in demand?

Minimalist house suitable to be built on land that is not extensive, so as to maximize the existing space on a residential land. In big cities like Jakarta, the availability of land is very limited, so that minimalist homes become a solution to the limitations of the land.

This type of house usually has 2 to 3 rooms or more. Even though it was built in a narrow area, minimalist house prioritizes the use of space, so that no space is wasted. Therefore, before building it, you need careful planning through a minimalist house plan.

It’s possible to have more rooms even if you have small areas as long as you’re okay with having second floor. If you don’t like having another upper level in your house, having small stylish house is quite okay as well, especially for small family.

Rooms and Interior

Assuming you’ll only have 1-2 kids, it’s better not too absorbed in planning too many rooms in your house. When it comes to rooms planning, there should be master bedroom, master bathroom, 1 other bedroom, another bathroom, kitchen, living room, family room, dining room, and double garage. There should be utility space which can be a divider for one larger area. If you think it’s too big, you can cut off some rooms.

Master bedroom should not be equipped with master bathroom. Let your house only have 1 bathroom for all. Family room can be eliminated as well, if you’re quite satisfied with only living room. Double garage can be minimized into single garage too, so you’ll still have small house plans with garage.

For interior, when you first step into your house, you’ll be welcomed with living room on the left side, and utility space in the front. Opposed to utility space, you can have kitchen, side by side with dining room. On the right side of your entry area, you can find garage.

If you like to have family room, it should be placed behind utility space, and master bedroom should be placed on the right side of family room, while another bedroom should be placed on the left of family room.

The Exterior

House plan exterior should also be concerned. Having lawn surrounding your house is a good option. You don’t have to turn it into garden, as long as you keep it mowed. Assuming garage is placed inside your house, so the rest of your area should be free. If you don’t like any greeneries, you can floor the entire space and fill them with natural stones as well.

Swimming pool is optional, if you like to have a place where you can laze around. Don’t forget to add a path from your gate to the house. The path should be a track for both vehicles and pedestrians.