Stunning Kitchen Brick Wall Decor Ideas


We have provides contemporary kitchen design as well as living location in loft space design, developing the open, versatile as well as practical interior. Loft space living design is very easy and also comfy, best for big family members and also hectic individuals without youngsters. Exposed brick wall design, integrated with steel, concrete as well as glass components put that contemporary ambiance which is common for loft space insides.


Actually the kitchen is not required to have stunning views, but it’s not wrong if your house is in a beautiful location with lots of trees around, you can do the same thing with other rooms in the house. Installing a large window is not only for the surrounding scenery but also for letting the sun into the room. Things like this will make your kitchen look more cheerful.


Increasingly, more and more enthusiasts of the wall with exposed bricks because of its high artistic orientation and beauty. This design can still give a modern impression, even though it is decorated with classic home accents, where the brick walls are clearly visible.


Exposed steel structure components as well as antique bricks highlight distinct personality of modern interior decoration in loft space design. Neutral shades as well as all-natural timber products develop desirable and also inviting contemporary kitchen design commemorating ventilated, modern and also sensible loft space design.


Milky white designing concepts soften distinguishes in neutral shades and also structures, assisting to fit in with modern interior decoration. Big storage space areas make the contemporary kitchen design functional as well as extremely comfy. Added storage space areas in a living location permit to maintain the loft space cool and also arranged.


Although the actual style of the wall without plaster means negating the process of plastering, but in making it also may not be haphazard. Because, precisely the key to the beauty of the appearance of your wall is in the regular arrangement of the bricks.


At least some special techniques and tips are needed so that the exposed brick beauty is more visible. Here are some things that you should pay attention to so that the mission to make a wall without plaster in your home is going well.


Exposed brick for industrial style look which is very popular. Red brick is indeed a favorite for this style, but that does not mean white exposed brick has no place. Both are well suited to typical industrial style components such as steel, glass, weathered wood, concrete, fluorescent lamps, graffiti, thick typography, and vintage lighting fixtures.


Industrial style does create a hard and firm impression, but the application of white exposed brick can soften it. It looks a little modern, without making it heavy.


White exposed brick is a favorite choice in Scandinavian-style interior design. This style is indeed distinctive with white color which gives a clean and minimalist impression.


In addition, white exposed brick walls can also be used in smaller interiors, without making it feel bleak and narrow. White brick can make the room feel bright and airy, or strengthen the strength of dark colors by providing sharp contrast.


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