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Small Water Garden Designs to Make Fresh Atmosphere for Your Homes

Home garden is a good place for our body, soul and mind. For this purpose to be fulfilled, just an ordinary garden is not enough. It takes creativity so that usual front yard or backyard will become perfect and remarkable, either with the help of garden expert or based on your own ideas. So, How do you arrange flowers and ornamental plants to make a pleasant garden every day?


In addition to the garden, a minimalist fish pond is also able to give a more lively impression on the house. The sound of flowing water plus fish that swim swiftly gives a natural feel that soothes the heart and mind. The existence of a fish pond can eliminate boredom by watching fish jumping when we fed it, or just sitting on the bench near a fish pond. In addition, a minimalist fish pond also adds artistic value to a minimalist home so that it is more beautiful and stylish.


So, you want to have a small water garden that doesn’t complicated? Just add a little natural decoration that won’t drain your budget. Mandatory accessories such as natural stone, medium-sized shady trees, to simple fountains can create a fresh atmosphere in the garden. You can add minimalist fish pond with a fountain as a complement.


One of the favorite water garden is the one below the waist and is suitable to be enjoyed while sitting casually on the divider. You can present this minimalist fish pond right in front of the house yard by measuring the space. Don’t forget to add green plants and air systems that also have a minimalist impression for the front view of the house with the most beautiful water garden.

With the right blend of concrete and glass, you can present a water garden that will be stunning to look at it. With this glass screen, the event of enjoying fish swimming in the water is also more exciting.


Uniquely, the design of this fish pond is made in the middle of the garden in the house. This minimalist fish pond design is perfect for those of you who want to add a traditional impression with a modern accent inside the house.

At first glance it seems that this area has a separate fish pond. But basically, this pond is a large pond which is also a home for beautiful fish in it.


You can create a special room to enjoy this pool at any time, by adding a wooden deck with a soft sofa and a minimalist coffee table on it. As a result, a minimalist fish pond that used to be just an ordinary pond can be a special area to relax with an elegant wooden deck.

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