Small Family Room Ideas For Your Tiny Space

The challenge in having small room is you have to be able to turn it into a comfortable place where all your family members can gather together without making it look too overwhelming. It needs some skills in designing and decorating indeed.


However, the family room has become one of the important rooms in a house. In making a family room with a minimalist type, of course it takes a minimalist size as well. This is certainly a variety of considerations you have to do considering the minimalist family room refers to a fairly small size as well. Are you currently planning to make a small family room to make it look more attractive and also large?

But don’t worry, even if you’re newbie in house decorating, and never been into this style before, there are some basic tips to turn your small room into larger one using some illusions and tricks from the design ideas. Small sitting room ideas here can be applied in any kind of design scheme.

Furniture Sets

When you choose family room furniture, make sure it’s versatile and really necessary in your room. For instance, it’s always good to have ottoman which can be used as a coffee table or additional seating. Choose one kind of ottoman which has four seating, and each seating is reversible. When you flip it inside, you’ll find a tray where you can put your snacks, bottles, and such.

Next, you need to choose long sofa. It doesn’t have to be big, but make sure it’s long, so it can accommodate many persons at a time. Sectional sofa is recommended in this idea.

Family room design ideas with sectional can be useful if you have two rooms meant to be separated. For example, if you have one large area where you should separate kitchen and family room without any real wall or partition, it means you have to use the furniture set to set a boundary between those two rooms. Next, it’s recommended to have one low desk to put in the middle of the room as the centerpiece.

Decorating Rules

First, remove all clutters. Even pictures on the wall can be considered as clutter. Let the entire room is free from unnecessary things. Fill your room only with important furniture sets. Next, choose white as the main color in your room. White can give illusion of bigger room. Choose one set of white sofa. Place a huge fluffy white carpet in the entire area of your family room.

Put some jumbo pillows in neutral color, like black or brown to combine with white, upon the carpet. And in the middle of the carpet, put the low desk stated before.

Make sure the desk has glossy finish. It should look well polished. Glossy finish can reflect your room, and reflection can make your room appear bigger than usual. Don’t forget to add enough lighting in your room. Small room should be sufficiently lit.