Rustic Architecture House Design Ideas


When it comes to architecture, there are endless designs based on the creativity of the architect. Nowadays, you can find tons of them based on the design scheme. Modern and contemporary are the most common choice of architecture house decorating and designs. It’s because those two styles order you to have less clutter with neutral colors in it, which makes the room look bigger, neater, and more organized as well as look more polished.

However, design scheme isn’t only limited to favorite ones, but also the other choices you may never think you’d like before. Here are some recommendations of architecture design ideas in whimsical look.


Rustic design

When you first see this kind of house, you won’t find sharp angles in the exterior like most modern and contemporary house designs. On the contrary, you’ll find curved and S-shaped roof which is made out of wood. Unlike usual woods you can find in decorating the house, this is actually small cylindrical woods piled up into a curved design in the exterior of the house.

Because, after all, rustic is all about wood. And in the garden, you’ll find two lines of wooden deck which is united after a few meters, and right in the middle of the separated lines, you can plant some bushes there to add greeneries in the middle of wooden tone.



If you take a look inside, you’ll find rustic architecture furniture ideas as well. Completed with wooden flooring, you’ll find sofa set which comes in white. Yes, it’s important to add one pop of neutral color in the middle of wooden tone. Plus, white can blend easily with any other design scheme. Next, wooden coffee table is a must in your living room, along with ottoman which can be used as an additional storage as well.

Avoid bean bag chair or anything which can indicate fun and cheerful. This doesn’t mean rustic style is boring with less fun, but rustic design is made to be warm and inviting, not fun with statement. For house design window designs, you need to have huge glass windows in every room, completed with wooden frame.


Adding curtain is not necessary, since it’s better off having full of natural light room to enhance the natural look. Tree shaped pillars in the middle of your room is also a nice additional decoration to have. Don’t forget to install a dimly lit light, any kind of light, in your room. Make sure it’s sufficient for the entire room though.

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