Residential Indoor Pool Ideas: Swimming in a Beauty

Having an indoor pool is considered elegant and luxurious these days, because still not many people can afford it. It has different structures with outdoor pool, thus it needs to be designed and built more thoroughly. You may have seen home indoor swimming pools with different concepts and designs. How many of them which make your jaw drop? Which style you want to have for your own indoor swimming pool? If you can’t remember it all, let us refresh your memory a bit.


Want to provide coolness into the house? You can make a swimming pool right in the middle of the house. Besides functioning as a liaison between the rooms of the house, this swimming pool can also be like an oasis that can provide fresh views that you and your family can enjoy from various corners of the room in the house.

To create a swimming pool with a courtyard design, you need a large enough area so that you can provide a distance between the pool and the room flanking the area around the pool.

Common and Not-So-Common Design

The most common design and concept is a pool surrounded by huge windows in both sides and there are some white pillars as well, reminding you of a place somewhere in Florence. Basically, the concept is the same, but some people try to make it different, by, for instance, using wooden laminated floor as a dock, or white marble tiles to enhance its elegance. Or the shape may be not rectangular, but more like an eight-number shape.

There are also some who make their indoor pools like a cave, with curvy half-circle shaped ceiling and minimal natural lighting with less windows. It feels as if you are swimming inside a cave. Yes, it is going to be so fantastic and awesome.

Some Unique Designs

There are who prefer to have indoor pool connected to their bath room. So inside a bathroom, they built a big slide. Whenever they feel like swimming, they can just slid down onto a pool below. The slide can also be placed in your bedroom. Or, maybe you want to swim whenever you wake up every morning, so you can build an island-like area in the middle of your swimming pool to put your bed.

To access the bed, build a path around your pool connected to the bed’s area. This will give you a thrilling chill every time. Don’t you think it is going to be more pleasuring for you to spend the time in such room? There is no way for you to be disappointed and surely, you are willing to spend a lot of time with such design.

If you want to make an indoor pool but still want to put in maximum sunlight, You can make a swimming pool with a transparent roof. With this swimming pool design, you can still enjoy the sunlight or the night sky without having to leave the room. Even when it rains you can still swim comfortably.

To realize this design you can simply install a transparent roof above or around the pool so that natural lighting can simultaneously illuminate the surrounding space.

The bedroom is one of the main areas that you use most often in the house. So, there is no harm in making a swimming pool in the bedroom to add comfort. You can swim anytime you want, either before going to sleep or after getting out of bed. You also don’t need to bother leaving the room. But be careful if you often sleep while walking.

Very interesting right? Some of these indoor pool designs you can apply at your dream home. Which design will best suit your needs?