Relaxing Spa Interior Design Inspirations


The need to take care of yourself is one of the most sought after urban society today. Especially women. The need to pamper yourself in salons and places of body care or a spa feels to be something that is inherent in them. In addition to the services and products provided must be quality, the interior design of these places is also one thing that is a lot of consideration. Because, interior design is a matter of creating comfort as well as how to create an inviting space.


Spa is one way to treat the body to regain the spirit and condition of the body. Therefore, the spa room must be designed in such a way that it can provide perfect comfort and relaxation for its visitors.


The ideal spa concept is certainly different for everyone. From old to modern or traditional styles, a home spa is an element that makes your home comfortable and of course, feels more luxurious. The selected facilities can vary, but the important thing is that the spa can provide relaxation and maximum health effects for you. Another option that can provide similar comfort is an indoor swimming pool, especially those built in a modern style.


Spa Ideas and Inspirations

Here you can see a lot of designs, of course from this abundant inspiration you will be able to create a clearer concept, what kind of spa you want at home. You can start from collecting spa designs here that is already in the idea book, then review it again and see what style and features you like.


The perfect spa is the ideal combination of style and your needs. If you want a spa that is permanent and long-lasting, you should consult a professional spa designer. Professional designers and architects can also provide consultations on construction issues, investment and saving tips.


There are several design styles that you can try to apply to the spa room so that it presents a super comfortable atmosphere. For those of you who plan to open a business in the spa field, some of the following designs can be made as references. Don’t forget to consult with professionals and interior design experts to be able to have the spa interior design you want.


Before knowing what a modern minimalist style is like in a spa room, it doesn’t hurt you to understand first about this style combination. Basically, minimalism is a design that focuses on a simple style with the use of an area or space that is not too much. In addition, in terms of cost, minimalist design is fairly cheap. While modern, it is generally a simple, clean, functional, stylish and always following the times. Less is more and the form follows function is the principle of modern design style.


Presenting a modern minimalist design in the spa room with minimalist and functional furniture usage. Give a touch of wood, to chairs and tables, mirror frames, painting frames or other sweetening accents. Adjust the color of the wall paint with the furniture to be used. Also include ornamental plants in the room, aromatherapy candles, and dim lights that can give a warm and comfortable impression.


Modern ethnicity is a style that combines modern design with an ethnic touch as an accent. You can feel a modern impression as well as an ethnic style in a room with the use of ethnic furniture. This ethnic style usually appears on the sofa motif and also the carpet. Meanwhile, a modern nuance in the room will be seen from the function of the furniture used.


Decorative elements to give a natural impression are by using various natural ornaments. In line with its name, natural design is how to bring the natural atmosphere into space. As a thick natural decoration, you can use grass, bamboo, rocks to plants and also various wood elements.


To paint the wall, choose soft colors like brown, green or white. Avoid using colors that are too flashy, like red and orange. Spa is a relaxation place, so you should present a warm and comfortable impression with the use of room colors and soft lighting.

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