Rectangular Kids Room Layout Idea Boring or Fascinating

Bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms are often considered to be boring, especially because of the rectangular shape of the room itself. The question then is: Is rectangular layout really boring for kids’ bedroom or on the contrary, it is something fascinating?


Well, the fact you need to realize is that every room can look boring if you are not able to decorate and design it rightly. Other than this, rectangular should not be considered boring because there are also some plus points can be found in this layout, including also for kids bedroom, which size is not too big. To make the designing and layouting better and easier, here are two tips you can follow.

Because the bedroom is one of the most important parts in the house, everything must be regulated according to its position. With a long shape and narrow impression will make us feel like being in a tunnel, that is why we must eliminate the atmosphere. Improper placement of furniture Can make the room appear longer and narrower. a good bedroom layout can reduce the impression of a long room.

Types of Furniture to Place in the Rectangular Room

If the rectangular kids bedroom you are about to design is rather small, the first tiny bedroom layout ideas you should follow is the idea of choosing the right type of furniture to be included in the layout design. Actually, there are some types of furniture perfect for you to put in this room.

The first one is custom-made furniture. The next one is modern minimalist furniture for kids. And the last one is multi-functional furniture. The best example of the last type of furniture is bunk bed that is featured with study furniture like desk and chair at the lower or upper part of it.

In this case, the thing you also need to pay attention to is that even if the layout blue print you create looks perfect for the room, the reality is not always the same. This is why it is very important for you to make sure that the sizing of furniture and room space is precise so everything can fit in the room nicely without making the room feel smaller.

Do Not Fill the Whole Room with Stuff

Even if there is a lot of stuff you want to buy and include in the small kids bedroom layout ideas, it is not really suggested for you to fill the whole room with stuff because it will only make the space cramped. Moreover, the long characteristic of rectangular room can create a rather small impression if you design the room wrongly. Because of this, it is also suggested for you to place only furniture that is needed. If possible, you can also leave a small space in the room empty so the room will look more spacious.

If all the furniture is in a straight line against the wall, it will share a feeling that is too stiff which will show that the room is long. Arrange some furniture a little away from the wall to create a more relaxed look. Instead of arranging shelves and chairs beside the wall, move the chair a few centimeters and bring some furniture closer so that it appears to have an interaction. Add a small carpet in the middle so it looks together. Place the bed or table in the corner to draw the eye to the center of the room so that it is not so focused on the length of the wall.