Pendant Lamp Living Room for Contemporary Look

Contemporary living room means a timeless style. This style is never out of date, so you should be able to choose every furniture piece which can be used anytime. When it comes to pendant lamps, there are endless choices on the market which can be fit your style. If you’re not sure which lamp to choose, here are some guidelines to beautify your living room.

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Choosing a model of decorative pendant lamp that is suitable for your living room is certainly a must. Because, there are many designs and models of decorative lighting that you can choose from now. You also need to determine the type of lamp with enough lighting for your living room. Do not let you choose a model of decorative hanging lamps that are small with insufficient lighting, even though your living room is quite large. Do not also vice versa, you choose a big light when the roar of your guests is small. Of course, you should pay attention to things in buying a model of decorative lighting for your living room.

Pendant Lamp Shades

Always choose neutral and deep tones in contemporary pendant lamp shade. If you feel a bit wild and want to add a touch of whimsical in your living room, it’s recommended to have colored lined silver string pendant. There are many tones of this colored lines pendant, basically this is a contemporary design, but for tones and shades, always choose one which is suitable with your living room’s basic theme.

Walnut lamp shade is another good choice. Keep in mind wooden lamp shade is not only for rustic theme. In fact, it’s also perfect for contemporary look, because wood is a material which can never be outdated. If you prefer to have something unique, you can also make a DIY pendant out of drum.

Pendant Table Lamp

If you prefer to have pendant table lamp in your living room, you’re better placing it in your corner desk. Pendant chandelier lamp is a good thing to start. Crystal is a timeless material for chandelier. However, crystal is a bit expensive. If you think it’s a bit too much, you can use glass instead. Metal table lamp is another good thing to have. Glossy finish will make your living room brighter. Plus, it’s also a nice thing to add in a small living room since it can reflect light and make your room appear bigger.

Arc pendant floor lamp is also good if you want an additional lighting. There are some kinds of pendant lamps which can be adjusted its height. Black bamboo floor lamp can be a timeless choice as well. If you don’t know where to start browsing the catalogue, you can search in pendant lamp Lowes.

Lowes has many things to offer. It ranges in price as well. Affordable pendant lamp can be found in metal or plastic material. If you prefer to have a unique and whimsical design, you can visit flea market. There, you can choose any kind of pendant lamp, and turn it into something completely new in a DIY project. Personalizing it is also possible if you know how to do it.