Old World Bathroom Ideas for Classical Home Style

Regardless of the style and size of your house, the bathroom is an integral part of residential design. That’s why we chose 25 different design models ranging from modern to classic, from basic models to unique ideas that you don’t even trust. Let’s look directly. The important thing is whether you have a super XXL sized bathroom or a small mini area, rest assured we are full of great ideas that are enough to inspire you in building a dream bathroom at home.


If your bathroom is a little cramped, covering the floor with neutral and rough natural stones can be tried. This simple design reduces boredom in your small bathroom. The bathroom floor and walls are all covered in brown marble. To match this color, the designers chose bright colors. Adding a small light bulb in the bathroom turns out to be a good idea isn’t it?

You can turn the bathroom into an auditorium where life outside is a live show. With a bathroom wall design using transparent glass placed in an open space where you can admire the city through it. Thanks to a drainage pump located on the floor, you can install a shower that was previously not possible.

The combination of white natural stone with gray marble offers beautiful, still elegant space for your bathroom. The small stool attached to the bathroom wall is a unique poetic design that allows you to enjoy a quiet moment sitting on a bench.

Just make a wall right from the entrance to the bathroom door. With the bottom of the brick, the top half of the glass. Obviously you have a private bathroom but it’s not free. Use colors creatively by decorating the ceiling with a little warm color, such as contrasting green with cool black and white, to illuminate your bathroom space.

The advantage of a large and spacious bathroom is that you can comfortably choose the location of the bath, soak in a relaxing white bath, or save time by using a shower installed in the corner of the room. Thank you for individual solutions from bathroom design experts. You can fully utilize space more intelligently. The small bathroom installed just below the slope of the roof helps to save space.

If you don’t want to use a hard metal hanger and basket to give the essence of your bathroom, consider designing a nice niche on the bathroom wall, not a hanging place. Not only beautiful, it is also equipped with a light bulb that makes it look like a cupboard, where you can place beautiful looking decorations.