Most Fascinating Hotel Room Design Ideas

Nothing was more fun than laying on a bed that was padded with clean and soft sheets. Fresh air blows from the window, peace is all around us. The hotel room has a unique design that can make travel more enjoyable. Sara Bliss, a travel and design writer through her writing book Hotel Chic at Home shows photos of the most beautiful hotel rooms, kitchens, living rooms, reading rooms and bathrooms to provide unique design ideas.


In fact, the bedroom is the last place where we can hide from the chaos of the world. So it’s not excessive if we think the bedroom should be calm, neat and clean at all times. A touch of luxury and a splash of color worth having in the bedroom according to the character of the owner.

Try to imagine when you are traveling and staying in a hotel room. Surely you immediately fall asleep and fall in love with the comfort it offers. Do you want to have a bedroom like this? We also.

Hotel rooms are usually designed according to the climate on site. The hotel room has been equipped with a variety of textiles to ensure guests comfort in all weather conditions.

For example, a beachfront hotel will use soft mosquito nets and cotton sheets so that the atmosphere of the room remains cool and guest privacy is maintained. While hotel rooms in the mountains will be equipped with thick blankets and extra blankets and pillows, so that guests can sleep well without being cold.

Therefore, adjust mosquito nets, bed sheets, bolster pillow cases and blankets with the weather in your residence. Use mosquito nets, carpets and textiles to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Hotel room decoration usually contains high artistic value, both furniture design and wall decoration. This makes the atmosphere of the hotel rooms seem modern, exclusive and unique. Look at the wall wallpaper in the bedroom design, what gives the impression of elegance into the room.

In addition to wallpaper that covers most of the room, for the mattress itself can be given with natural colors, linen sheets made from comfortable linen. Placement of bed lights in the bedroom design is the main point here which gives the impression of your room like a hotel room. In addition, the statement pillow also gives a deeper impression and makes the bedroom design look more luxurious.

Bedroom designs with metallic or semi-metallic materials can change the bedroom design from the ‘normal’ to ‘wow’ and can give the mood like being in a hotel. You can add wall hangings in the form of paintings with metallic frames, geometric mirrors, ceramic based materials and glass cabinets that you put in your bedroom designs.

We can bring the same nuances at home by installing one large painting, or a few small paintings. You can choose paintings by local artists, or replicas of paintings by famous artists. Try it and feel the difference!