Modern Storage Ideas for Smart Saving Solutions


Do you know that innovation and the use of multi functional furniture are more than just getting around small dwellings? The use of multi functional furniture has also become part of the minimalist lifestyle applied by modern society. You as a modern society certainly prefer to use furniture that is practical, concise, and has more usability because like design, a minimalist lifestyle also uses the same principle, namely “less is more”. This is where smart furniture offers solutions to meet the minimalist lifestyle.


If you need a cabinet to store items and tables to work at the same time but do not have enough space and budget to have both at once, a wall cabinet that doubles as a work desk can be your solution. One of the doors of this cabinet functions as a table when opened. The work desk is also equipped with a task light lamp mounted on this smart furniture.


For a choice of multi functional furniture in the kitchen area, you can use folding furniture in the form of a cupboard that can change shape into a dining table. From its versatile design, it is not at all seen that this cupboard and dining table are the same thing. The use of folding furniture is also very practical and can make the room tidy because it is only used when needed. There are other variations of furniture designs like this, such as wall mirrors that also function as a dining table.


There is a wide selection of furniture for bedrooms, one of which is the design of a level bed with this study table. The use of multi functional furniture can be a solution for a narrow children’s room. The remaining area in the study desk can also be used to store drawers and storage box shelves. If your child shares a room with his brother, there are also two bunk bed bunk bed designs with study tables beside him.


Storage benches are one of the smart furniture that can be placed in various rooms in your house. Its small and concise form makes multi functional furniture can be used to fill passive spaces that are not used, such as areas under stairs and void areas of the house. Besides having a function as a storage room, the appearance of a cute and alluring storage bench makes this multi functional furniture also function as an attractive room decoration element.


Hearing the term sofa bed as a multi functional furniture maybe you are already familiar. But, what about a multi functional sofa bed? One of the sofa bed partitions is usually movable, that is, if combined into one side of the sofa that is elongated, the sofa bed can form a sofa L.. If the multi functional furniture partition is removed, the partitions can become ottoman and coffee table or coffee table. Wow, really functional?


No wonder this multi functional furniture is named “The Box of Life”. Because like that, by just having a bed or mattress all the necessities of life can be fulfilled. This multi functional furniture incorporates a bed design with an open wardrobe design. As with the bunk bed design, the bed is placed at the top. This multi functional furniture can be the furniture of choice to fill your small apartment.

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