Modern Low Coffee Table for Home Living Room


A coffee table can be an effective focal point for every room in your home. You can choose a design and make your own unique coffee table. With simple ingredients, the idea of ​​making a unique coffee table is entirely in your hands and creativity.


All living rooms or family rooms are always more beautiful with a coffee table. You can try some inspiration from the designer coffee table design that deserves to be realized. The coffee table is actually an ordinary guest table that is used to put coffee or other drinks.


Therefore the table used must be lower than the sofa or guest chair you choose. Coffee tables can also be selected from the same design as a sofa or very different. Then table ornaments must also be in accordance with the theme of the living room or family room. But does the coffee table not have a lot of decorations or accessories.


Other table designs take inspiration from nature. The way the table is cut, it almost seems as if a clear blue pool of water is suspended in a sheet. This will certainly bring the natural elements into the house, so that it can make the atmosphere brighter, broader, and healthier. The living room can be a space where children and adults gather. With the function of turning, the modern coffee table becomes an element that functions as a doll’s house for children, and design does not need to be compromised for the sake of children.


Usually the coffee table will be empty or only contain vases when there are no guests. But why don’t you try to make the coffee table come alive. The trick is to add a tray made of rattan or wood. This tray is indeed a very beautiful decoration. Then you should not add some interesting objects in the tray.


Some ornaments are very interesting such as jelly jars that have been filled with color sand or dried flowers. You can add a few other decorations. Then under the tray add a piece of cloth that becomes the base. Make sure the color of the tray, cloth and decoration are combined so that it is very complete.


The most interesting thing when drinking coffee is while reading a book. You can try to add several types of books on the coffee table. Don’t get too many books because it will damage the view of the coffee table. Also pay attention to the color of the book cover so that it is bright and beautiful. Then add a set of ancient ornaments and cactus decorations.


Another thing that must be considered is the size of the book used. Make sure you have several different book sizes, from the largest to the smallest. And it is better to change the title of the book periodically so that it is not boring. If you feel bored with a rectangular coffee table then you can try a round coffee table. This type of coffee table can be placed in the living room or family room. A round coffee table is considered more attractive because it gives the impression of a bigger room.


Then for the type of decoration added must be in accordance with the type of table material. If the table is made of wood and is dark in color, add a bright flower decoration. If the table is brightly colored with wood and glass, then give a more modern ornate ornament.

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