Luxurious Beach Resort Design Ideas

So you have an extra budget to build a retreat, which can be used as an escape from a hustle bustle of the city. Beach is most common place where you can get your peace of mind. After finding a private spot in the beach where you can enjoy it alone or with your loved ones, it’s time to design it based on your favorite design scheme.


In building a resort, please pay close attention to the arrangement of the room and the availability of rooms in a resort. Determining the number of rooms must be based on the concept and purpose of the resort itself, whether it will be designed with a private concept or not. If this resort is a private resort, of course the number of rooms does not need much, just 2 to 3 rooms in a resort. This private resort is usually used by couples who want to honeymoon or small families who want to vacation.

While resorts that are built are not for private purposes, it is better to make more rooms, at least 5. Thus, this resort can be used by tour groups or large families who are on vacation. Here are some beach house design ideas which can combine comfort, elegant, luxury, and chic at the same time.

Contemporary beach house

Contemporary means timeless. It means you have to be able to use design which can never be boring from time to time, and always updated even though it’s from another era. One of elements which can never be outdated is wood. Building a wooden deck to the beach right in front of your beach house can be considered as contemporary beach house. Or, you can also use natural stones to decorate your house. Natural stones can be used as a fence or separation from the beach area and your house. You can use wooden flooring inside the house as well.

Glass is another element you can use in contemporary style. Make sure you have glass windows in the front sides of your house. It will make you easier to enjoy the view every single time. And for the exterior of your house, it’s important to have angular design with sharp angle. It will give whimsical design which is closely related to contemporary style.

Having sunbrella or big parasols installed in front of your house, coupled with sun bench for you to soak up the sun, will give additional touch for style and chic. Make sure you choose neutral colors for the background of your house, be it the furniture sets or the wall. Avoid too bright and bold colors.

Modern Beach House

If you prefer modern beach house plans, you can build infinity pool. This is the most favorite design when it comes to modern look, where you can create an illusion of pool extension to the ocean. And in your infinity pool, you can create several deck in it, and each deck should be filled with canopy and sun bench where you can laze around in the middle of your pool after swimming. Don’t forget to build outside patio where you can have bonfire or have some marshmallows in it with your friends. Make sure the ocean view lays in front of your patio.

Spatial planning is a factor that should not be ignored. Spatial planning includes the separation between private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms with more open areas such as living room, lounge, TV watching room, or reading room. The bathroom should be in each bedroom, but if it is not possible, you can make one bathroom in the middle or between 2 bedrooms.

If there is a large enough empty area, whether inside or outside the room, you should function it as a restaurant, mini cafe, or mini bar. The existence of a restaurant or mini bar is very much needed especially for a resort with many visitors, a large number of rooms, and a high level of occupancy. Thus, guests do not need to go outside the resort if they want to eat food.