Lovely French Kitchen Designs Ideas

A kitchen backsplash is not just ornamental however it could likewise shield the wall surface for the dirt and also tarnish. The wall located behind the range and sink will certainly be very easy to tidy if you seal it by utilizing backsplash. Many individuals enjoy to have nice backsplash since it can boost the style in the room. There are many types of product that you can choose.


You can select wine, winery as well as kitchen utensils images for the ceramic tile to adorn the wall. If you wish to make the kitchen cozy as well as wonderful, you can choose the French backsplash.

The first design example is combining kitchen space like a rural feel. Using wooden furniture with different seating concepts, natural designed wooden tables, and parquet floors installed throughout the kitchen can add a natural and homie feel to residents. In addition, the furniture layout used for the sample of the room provides good light circulation and occupant access when cooking and preparing food. Even so, the dining table is also not boring and makes people want to linger even if just sitting and reading books.

It can make the room totally gorgeous. But make sure that your kitchen is decorated by using nation or rustic style. The contemporary room will not look wonderful if you choose the French backsplash. You could appreciate a nice French kitchen backsplash using ceramic material.

The next design has a color and material concept that is similar to the previous design example. Using a soft blue color for all furniture with minimal classic indentation design, and wood material for the floor evokes a French-style feel in it. Do not forget to install a wide window around the kitchen, the window is also painted in white to blend with the theme of furniture and still look minimal / inconspicuous. Another thing that makes the difference is the light blue plint attached around the wall to the ceiling limit.

It can provide the gleaming result since the product is beaming. There are broad variety of earthy tones that you can have. Select the ceramic tiles in gold, sage green, blue or corrosion color. If you intend to make the room more nation, set up a mix of red and also white checks on the wall.

If you like imaginative look, it will certainly be an excellent concept if you set up hand painted floor tile. It makes your backsplash acted as the centerpiece in the cooking location. The pictures of hand repainted ceramic tiles are differed. You could choose the one in fruit, farmhouse, rooster as well as stock photos. If you wish to have huge hand repainted ceramic tile on the wall.

It is fantastic for you to hire an artist. It can be utilized to show the air in the farmhouse surrounding. If you intend to go rustic, you can pick stone floor tile. It can make the kitchen backsplash eye-catching and also interesting to check out.

The last reference is a French-style design dominated by wood for all furniture used in the room. The dominance starts from the floor that applies a dull colored parkeet with a combination of a simple kitchen set that uses aluminum frame with wooden door. The walls that also use plank wood material are also painted glossy white with a glossy finish, helping the occupants to clean more easily and avoid dirty impression. Don’t forget the large white windows for good lighting and air, as well as the impression of ‘France’ which is the main destination.