LED Under Shelf Lighting for Elegant Style


If you think your kitchen is too dimly lit, you may want to consider installing under cabinet light. It’s true, there are many kinds of lighting you can use in a room, be it standing lamp, ceiling lamp, or such. However, if you want an elegant look, it’s better to have under shelf lighting. This is not like other lighting. In fact, it’s an LED light.


What’s the difference between LED with common light bulb? LED light is considerably long lasting. Plus, the lighting is also brighter than usual light, and the light produced is calmer either. Thus, this is perfect if you want to add additional lighting in your room to enhance elegance.


Who says lighting or optimal lighting is only needed to decorate the interior or exterior of the house. In fact, lighting is also included in the elements of the display cabinet, because the existence of this cabinet lighting is able to increase the attractiveness of the collection objects or displays inside it.


However, this additional lighting is not only placed in the interior of the cabinet. There are times when lighting is placed outside, with the main function that is still the same, namely to highlight the appeal of the collection objects that are in the cabinet.


Types of LED Under Shelf Lighting

First, you can find under cabinet lighting tape. Yes, it’s long and looks like a tape. This is a perfect choice if you have long cabinet, and you want to install every several inch of your under cabinet with lighting. Commonly, you can find 12 feet lighting tape for your shelf. There’s one type shorter than that, 8 feet, and it’s flexible, so it can follow the shape of your cabinet.


For more whimsical style, there’s one with color changing option too. So, every a few minutes, the lighting will change its color. There’s also another type of under shelf electrical with more angular look. This is perfect if you don’t want to cover almost the entire surface of your under shelf with lighting. In fact, this LED light looks like a neon light. But, it’s meant to be installed under cabinet, with white light.


There are some brands which enable you to dim or bright the light with dimmable feature. Plus, it’s usually linkable under cabinet light. Fluorescent light fixture is another type you can choose. Like fluorescent lights, this LED under shelf type can product strong and bright light.


Things You Need to Know

There are several types of mounting methods which you can find in led under cabinet lighting tape or other types. They are screw in brackets, magnets, keyhole, adhesive brackets, adhesive, and 2-sided tape. The finish and color is various as well; chrome, brown/tan, bronze, brass, black, and aluminum.


It can be linkable or no, and it may have slim line or no. It’s also important to choose ones with energy star certified, because it indicates eco friendly product, and it will not add much billing cost to your electrical expenses every month.

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