Interesting Yellow Paint Color Schemes for Living Room

As one of the most important rooms in the house, arranging the living room is not easy. One of the obstacles is limited space. But, you don’t need to worry, one of the easiest ways to outsmart this problem is to change the paint color of the living room to make it look wider.


Extensive limitations can be overcome by using the appropriate living room paint colors. Bright colors can give an airy impression because it emits light. Conversely, the use of dark colors as a living room paint can give a narrower effect because it absorbs light. Then, what are the recommendations for living room paint to make it look spacious and comfortable?

In addition to being able to give a new face, paint is also able to change the atmosphere of space and influence the psychological of its inhabitants. So, even if it’s just changing the color of the paint, there are many benefits that can be obtained. The narrow living room in the house will instantly have an airy, spacious and comfortable impression.

Today pastel colors are a new trend that is very popular and widely used. There are a lot of pastel colors sold like pastel yellow, pastel green or pastel blue. The application of pastel colors as a narrow living room paint will make the room look brighter. Give maximum lighting access with a large minimalist window model so the room feels wider.

Bright yellow color can cheer up your room!

Sometimes, a dark room can absorb light from outside. This dark situation actually even makes the small room feel more narrow. Now, try to get it in bright yellow. Bright colors that reflect light can provide a broad illusion. So, don’t hesitate to choose soft yellow as your living room paint! Finish finishing eggshell to paint this living room.

In addition to white, yellow is a color that is able to reflect sunlight. Because of its ability to reflect light, even small spaces can be seen to be broad. The walls are given a yellow color combined with white furniture, will add dimension in a small room.

This is the most common color and is widely used to paint the living room, the room and the entire wall of the house. Yes right, white is always synonymous with a clean impression. In addition, the white color will give the impression of spacious, clean and bright. White color also matches any furniture. That is why the white color is often applied to paint the living room.

The use of turquoise or turquoise green as a living room paint accent combined with white will create warmth and comfort in it. the use of living room paint accents refers to the technique of mixing wall colors through coloring one or two walls with different colors and more prominent than other colors. The purpose of using a living room paint accent is to create wide-ranging illusion in the living room.