Huge Headboards Bed Ideas for Modern Bedroom

Headboards are structures that fit the bed, as an attraction, personality, and character. These are elements that provide added value for decoration. What should be considered when choosing the type of bed? First, the size of the bed, if all you want is to combine two dimensions, because there are unsuitable alternatives that include not only the head of the bed, but also cover your entire wall.


Even if your bedroom is small, using a headboard is a great way to get interesting things in the bedroom. If your bed loses a very important headboard element, immediately get headboard ideas that are easy and in accordance with the bedroom design. Adding a headboard to the bedroom is also a simple project that can be done.

We also have to consider the decorative style of the room which may not be aesthetically pleasing, but at least make sure the side of the bed is side by side with a style that complements your personality.

There are many materials and designs, from the most conventional to the most colorful and vary in shape and texture. Some materials are even recycled from other objects or tools. We show under 20 bed head samples to inspire you without crashing into a wall.

As mentioned earlier, the head of the bed can be placed from the corner of the room to the wall. If you choose rustic materials like wood, you can get a warm and natural effect for your room. The use of walls is art. And this is a very unique and inspirational idea like a wooden head in the form of a sloping roof above the bed that can appear.

If you want to have different decorative elements on the wall of the bed, choose a contrasting headboard and combine it harmoniously with the lights or image colors for example. Just connect different wooden boards and use colors to get head pieces that are well integrated in any style. Even for the original or Nordic environment.

The shape and design of the headboard is not fixed on a particular form. The headboard can combine unique shapes using a soft pink color with a gold colored frame that makes it even more elegant. You can use headboard designs like this for teenage and adult bedrooms. Interested to try?

Of course decorating the headboard never fails to change the look of the room. Take advantage of the headboard as a place to channel creativity. Because the headboard is a dead space area which is a shame if left empty.

Headboard design is combined with a rack which is divided into two parts, left and right. With this combination, you can use the shelf to be filled with various objects. If you like to read, you can fill some shelves with your favorite books, in addition to the other parts you can fill with ornamental plants and also pictures of the streets with beautiful frames. For headboard colors it is recommended to use white or beige for rooms with darker paint or use brown or black for rooms with lighter paint.

If you want more simple, you can display images in a frame arranged in such a way, or install a favorite wallpaper. Feel how the bedroom comes alive with your favorite headboard.