Homely Elements To Include Rustic Living Room Decor Ideas

According to the language, rustic can be interpreted as rude or rural. So home decor with rustic style can be interpreted as a natural design style decoration, natural and inspired by rural houses. Natural and natural impression is obtained from real wood material with a touch that looks rough and natural.


Through paddles and rustic touches in modern-style décor, a room can look unique as well as character. Even with a rustic decoration, a room can also further show the identity of the owner.

Now, if you want to apply a rustic style, but not so familiar with rustic decoration. This article will guide you to present a rustic home decor, especially for the living room that can be applied easily. Don’t be afraid to put a combination of new furniture with old furniture or recycled furniture, including mixed-style furniture to get the same rustic impression as you want.

To transform the living room into a rustic style room, you can coat the living room floor with oriental rugs or cowhide rugs. Also add ethnic concept decorations, such as for wall shelves or decorations used. Utilizing large furniture can confirm the rustic impression on the living room, but it should be noted that the design of the furniture used must remain simple. While the colors applied to get a rustic impression are simpler and monochromatic.

An important point in the placement of this rustic living room decoration is that the decoration materials must have natural elements, without or with light physics. There is no need to place too many decorations that actually make the living room look messy. In decorating, you must be extra careful and careful in choosing and placing various items for decoration.

Imperfection is perfect for rustic living rooms. Where “rough” is one of the words used to define rustic home decorations. Therefore, you can include elements of imperfection in rustic home decorations for the living room. For example showing paint that seems to peel and never be repainted.

Wood and natural stones are believed to be the most powerful aspect of displaying a rustic decoration. From a combination of wood and natural stone, the room looks dark and heavy. Even so, softer indoors plus light from the window give the impression of being comfortable and amazing.

Houses in countryside areas usually get a supply of light from direct sunlight, so the light will feel soft and warm, especially in the morning and evening. To imitate this, use lighting with soft colors. So that the light can be reflected perfectly and seem warm. choose colors – soft and warm colors for the walls, for example beige, light yellow, or pastel. Avoid using bright or dark colors. Better to choose colors that can accentuate the impression of ‘old’.

It feels incomplete when decorating a house with a rustic design without presenting furiture or worn objects. Obsolete objects can usually be identified from their slightly faded and dull outer surface. These objects can be in the form of tables, rocking chairs, bookshelves, or cabinets. However, whether this object can still be used, so it does not only become a decoration.