Glass Wall Living Room Ideas for Small Space

Having a small space means you should be able to turn it into something spacious. Not by upgrading it, but by making some illusions of a bigger room. There are some ways you can use to make a room look bigger. But, the most important and essential is adding glass material.


Glass or mirror is a thing which can reflect the light and be an expansion of the room itself. So your room will look as if it has been expanded to another space. When you choose glass attributes in your living room, it doesn’t have to be always glass wall. In fact, you can also use any other glass wall units for living room.

A wide, mirror that stretches from floor to ceiling creates perfect proportions that direct the view of people to their grandeur. The living room is one of the ideal locations to bring a mirror because this room usually tends to have a minimum size. In addition, of course, also useful to check your appearance before leaving home.

Glass Wall Shelves and Cabinets

If you want to remodel your room but you’re on a budget, it will be hard to make a glass wall. So, instead of taking out your bricks and turning them into wall, you can install glass wall shelves for living room. This should be a wall mounted shelf. Don’t get it wrong; glass wall shelves are not always for bathroom.

You should choose ones with unique design, not just a usual rectangular shape. It’s possible to personalize your shelves with any design you like. Always make sure you remove any clutter in your shelves and only put some important collections in organized way.

Glass wall cabinet living room can also be a good choice. Pick one with metal instead of wood when it comes to finish. Metal, combined with glass, will create elegant and luxurious look. This is supposed to organize as well as display your collections you want to show off. Thus, make sure it’s always neat and no clutter inside. You can choose a wall mounted cabinet for space efficiency.

The Real Glass Wall Living Room

If you prefer to have the real glass wall living room, not just some units made out of glass, it’s better to have a living room which is open to your backyard, lawn, or even pool. So, you’ll be displayed with amazing view all the time. This is also better if you live in such remote area where you are surrounded with nature and greeneries.

Wall glass will make you enjoy your own space while being closer with nature at the same time. Ceiling length wall can be installed only in one side or several sides of walls, or even the entire sides of walls, which can make you like living inside a glass box.