Modern Floral Rugs and the Most Suitable Room to Place Them

Contemporary floral rugs can be said as trending items at this point of time. These are used by a lot of well-known interior designers as decorations as well as items to enhance the look of interior flowing and to add extra comfort in any home design. The type of floral rugs used quite often is the ones decorated with large floral patterns instead of the small patterns.


This detail in fact makes the rugs to look more prominent in every room it is placed in. The question then is: in what rooms will these rugs be suitable to place in? Let us find out more about that here.

The Rooms to Place the Rugs

Even if it is possible for you to place the flowered area rugs in any room you want, it cannot be denied that the rugs, especially because of the very outstanding floral design, are more suitable to place in several rooms only. The first one is clearly the living room.

If you are about to place a floral rug in this room, you can choose the size of the rug based on the size of furniture. As for the placement, the rug can be placed under coffee table or in freestanding style without anything above the rug.

Other room where you can also place such rug as floor decoration is bedroom. Undeniably, it will be more suitable to pick when the occupant of the room is female remembering the pretty floral pattern that is more suitable for girls and women. Other than bedroom, it is also possible for you include the rug in your modern dining room design.

A Thing You Should Not Forget

If you are interested in using floral rugs shabby chic in your interior design, there is one thing you should not forget, which is making sure that the room where the rug is placed should not be filled with too much items and furniture and also painted with too much colors at once.

The pattern of the rug is already crowded that is why it is possible for the room to feel cramped if there are also a lot of items in there. In simple words, it can be said that minimalist and modern interior design is more compatible for the rug because usually each of those interior design tends to focus more on the use of effective and functional items instead of others.

It would be even better as a matter of fact is the room is also not filled with too many colors or the choices of colors that re too bold. Placing the rug in there will only make the atmosphere in the room quite uncomfortable because the room, even if the fact is that is quite spacious, feel smaller. The cause of this is none other but the colors of the room and the colors of the rug that “compete” each other.