Fireplace Chimney Design for Classic Look

Fireplace may not be a real thing to use these days. Yes, you can have central heater or such in your modern house. Nevertheless, it’s always good to have a fireplace in your living room, even though it isn’t really functioned. There are many designs of fireplace you can choose. It actually depends on your style.


However, we’re going to discuss about home chimney design in classic style. Classic style is common choice when it comes to home design. So, what should you do if you want to build a fireplace in classic look?

The Looks

It’s important to make your fireplace as natural as possible. So, instead of building a wall, you need to use natural stones. The natural stones should be naked. If you want to paint it, you don’t have to put too much effort with it. Just paint it white and let the natural color peek of the white paint.

If you prefer to have brick chimney designs, let it also be as natural as possible. You don’t have to paint it, let it be naked. But, you can polish it to give glossy look. If you prefer to have it painted, like stated before, you can use white color to paint the entire surface. Or, use light brown color to paint your natural stones.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be bricks or other round natural stones. Other entire surface of the wall can also be matched with your fireplace earthly tones. In fireplace design, you can also make wood stove chimney design.

This is used for kitchen instead of living room, because it’s not for smokes for fire to warm you, but for stove. Stove needs place to let out smoke, and you need to give a kind of pipe. This should be made out of wood. You don’t need to make it like a fireplace design, just use it as a usual pipe, covered with wooden wall.

Outdoor Chimney Design

You don’t need to make it high and tall like indoor fireplace. On the contrary, outdoor chimney design should be made low, more like a short desk in rectangular shape, and place a sofa or other comfy seatings around it, so you can make it a center spot. Make a low wall around the fireplace, also with natural stones. Make it more like a huge table, and in the center of it, let it blank and fill the blank space with fire to warm you.