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Extra Long Dinner Table for Tasteful Breakfast


Every part of the house must have its own variety of forms and uniqueness. Like the dining room in the house. In addition to being a space to eat together with family, the dining room is one of the means to gather and spend time together with family. One important element in the dining room is the dining table.

The development of the design and model of the dining table itself is indeed very varied without neglecting the usability and ergonomic aspects of the dining table itself.


There are always doubts in choosing a dining chair with upholster (padding) or without upholster, and both have advantages and disadvantages of each. Chairs without an upholster are certainly easier to clean and not prone to spills and stains. Chairs without an upholster are also easier to tuck in and are suitable for smaller dining tables. However, if you often have banquet parties and want extra comfort during dining activities, a dining chair with upholster is your choice.


If you like mixing and matching views, you need to think about how they blend. You want everything to look complete without having to be fully uniform. Think about combining one consistent element and one contrast element. Contrast makes space more attractive, while consistency will make it not feel excessive. Combine the two motifs or finishing of several different dining chairs, but still have elements that have in common. For example, use a dining table, side dining chairs and dining chairs at different ends. It can be different in form or motif from its upholster.


By taking the concept of a contemporary classic dining room, this dining room looks attractive with extra long wooden dining table made of mahogany wood as the center of the dining room. Not forgetting also the artificial or custom made chairs that are adjusted to the color of the theme of the room and also the floor of the room. Sweetening decorations in the form of hanging ornaments also further highlight the classic impression of the room.

Fusion or a mixture of natural woods on the walls and floors of a house with modern glass or modern glass tables can make the dining table in your dining room immediately attract your eyes. That way, your dining room will feel more dynamic, even for a dining room that tends to be narrow.


Minimalist trends seem to be endless. This can also be applied to the dining room. Like the dining room above which is dominated by white and black accents on the bench. This white table is custom-made from wood and metal which has the same color as the chair.

There is also a rug statement or fur carpet in addition to comfortable accents in the dining room close to this glass window. Chandelier can be used to sweeten the room.

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