Exotic Tropical Interior Design with Fresh Nuance

It is an open secret of Asia with its tropical climate giving many benefits. Warm weather in summer and cool in winter gives you a sense of comfort and happiness to enjoy it with loved ones at home. Next is how to bring comfort at home? just give a unique touch to your residence, especially the family room or living room by designing it into a tropical living room.


In line with its function as a family room which is a gathering space, interacting as well as a space for joint activities, then the room should be made bigger so that it can fulfill all the functions of togetherness. The area of ​​the room will affect the arrangement and decoration.

The tropical concept family room is generally designed as comfortable as possible to suit the existing climate; utilize a lot of air circulation, optimal lighting and supportive decorations. What needs to be known about the tropical climate is the significant temperature gap.

In summer, the weather will be so hot and stinging while in the rainy season it will feel moist. Therefore the concept must be able to escort this.

Hot air in the dry season can be treated with large and adequate air ventilation. Glass rolling door is very suitable to be applied in a family room that is directly connected to the outdoor garden. Sunlight will enter optimally so that the need for light will be fulfilled. But if the heat is so fast you can add a thin curtain as a barrier.

It is important to bring a garden around the family room to get around the hot weather in the summer. Plants will provide coolness when the window or door is opened and reduce the feeling of heat. Green plants present a calm and cool atmosphere. But if the outdoor garden still feels lacking, you can make a garden in the room.

As an important element in the concept of a tropical family room, there is no harm in presenting an indoor garden in some corner of the room. Such as beautiful plants, small pots and stones in a patch of spot if the room is still sufficient, ferns or palms next to furniture, and or small plants in a glass drawer. You can choose the type of plant according to taste and adjust it to the internal room.

The tropical family room generally uses natural designs and motifs that are adapted to the garden that envelops so that psychologically it will provide a sense of peace and comfort. Especially when rolling the glass door opened in the breeze the wind burst together with the warm light of the sun.