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Exotic Pools Design to Pamper Your Eyes


Swimming has always been a favorite sport for many of us. Even today, even though there are a lot of new sports that have sprung up, swimming sports still have a demand.

Swimming in addition to healthy, and has many benefits such as shrinking the stomach, exercising muscles, and increasing height, also able to refresh. Most people who like to swim, usually channel their hobbies by swimming in a public swimming pool that can be found easily.


However, for those of you who don’t really like swimming in public places, making a private swimming pool at home is an alternative that can be taken. Usually the swimming pool becomes one of the facilities that is synonymous with a grand and large house.

But in fact, if you have a land behind a fairly large house, you can also create a private swimming pool. Of course, because of the limited size of the land, you cannot make a swimming pool the size of a public swimming pool, but at least you can make a small, minimalist swimming pool that is adequate for you and your family.


The design of the swimming pool in a luxury house can be adjusted to the concept of a home building, whether minimalist, classic, or else. To add to the natural impression, natural stone can be used as a pool wall.

Besides that the waterfall model like the design example above can also be applied to strengthen the natural impression of the swimming pool. Especially with the surrounding natural scenery that is extraordinarily beautiful, this swimming pool is perfect for relaxing and relaxing your mind.


The design of an indoor swimming pool small size eg 10 × 20 meters is suitable to be applied to a minimalist house either 1 floor or 2 floors.

Not only luxury homes, minimalist homes with sizes that are not too broad, namely 10 × 20 or 200 square meters can also be equipped with a swimming pool. The trick is to build a house with 2 floors so that there is more land that can be provided for the construction of a swimming pool.


In addition, a swimming pool can also be made in small or mini sizes of around 10 square meters. To give a broad impression you can use a swim jet system that makes the pond water flow like swimming in the sea.

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