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Many people dream of beautiful and comfortable residences. What is the difference like? Whether it’s with a long-awaited personal taste or background, a house classified as a dream home often has a villa-like look. A dream house with basic functions in the structure of its residency house is something that must be available. But the atmosphere of the resort as well as a place to relax with family is always a dream in a house.

So how should you arrange a modern villa-style house? A flexible architectural style, with relaxed nuances and suitable for recreation with each other combined with modern-style home designs and decorations.


For people who live in urban areas, it is definitely hard to see buildings, offices and malls that are modern in design. For the antidote, you can play with an ethnic or ornamental furniture in your friend’s house. Ethnic colors such as chocolate can be an option for ornament in the house. Bale-bale furniture or in Javanese called amben can be presented in the family room or lounge.


The choice of furniture made from wooden material, Can be used as an option to give an ethnic impression. It could also be by arranging the placement of items so that they look spacious and provide space for the place to sit. With decorated carpet and brown cushioning, besides giving a relaxed impression after a day full of office activities, you can also help your people save money because they don’t need to buy a sofa. For those who want to raise the impression of ethnicity, they can use old patterned tiles for the floor.


Natural theme is perfect for people who like refreshing by seeing nature. The elements of plants, water and air are more played in this theme. Present the park in the space available at your friend’s house. It doesn’t have to be wide, but a small but beautiful garden can bring a fresh impression to your people who are busy with the building. Green grass, ornamental plants and 1 or 2 large trees can help you feel the natural elements in the area of ​​the house. Swimming can also be an option for natural themes.


Swimming pools and fish ponds can be applied, only depending on the space you have at home. To add to the impression of relief, reduce the partition using the wall. Wide door and window openings will help your people stay fresh because of good air circulation. Green, blue and white can also be a friend, you can bring more natural impression in the house.


So my friend, refreshing does not have to leave the house, let alone get out of town. By presenting a resort atmosphere inside the house will help your friend save money for one of the expenditure items. Besides being fresh, with a re-design of the house, it doesn’t make anywhere you want to invest in your own home.

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