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Dining Centerpiece Ideas for a Unique Look


Dining room may not be a popular place to have some quality time like living room. Yet, you still have to gather with your family here to have your meals, so make sure it looks beautiful. In this era, being beautiful is not enough. You just have to be unique. So, what should you do to add a touch of uniqueness in a dining room? Attract the attention to the center of your room. Put a centerpiece on your dining table.

Most people only use a huge vase with plastic flowers as their centerpiece. To make it different, find another ideas to decorate your dining room.

Realizing a dining room design that fits your dreams and is comfortable doesn’t always require complicated designs. Furniture design style that is simple and further emphasizes function can make the interior look more contemporary. The costs you need can be more efficient. Let’s take a peek at some of the following minimalist and comfortable dining room design inspirations.


Elegant Look

You can try to use elegant dining room table centerpieces which can be used in classic style. You can use a huge candle holder and the elegance of the theme will be boosted. It’s better to make it as vintage as possible.

Browse through your local thrift shop and find a candle holder which may fit the size of your dining table. The bigger your dining table, the bigger a candle holder should be. Don’t forget to minimize the lighting and lit up the candles during your meal time to dramatize its look.


Modern Look

As the need for modern lifestyle increases, many people develop the casual style of the art of table setting. The amount and type of tableware can be adjusted to the needs or types of food. You can put a centerpiece (decoration in the middle of the table) can be made according to the theme and guests who eat are not bound by ethics to be too formal.

Modern means simplicity, so avoid something too grand. If you put such thing, it’s going to make everything in contradictive and thus, the result surely will not be that good. There is no need for you to think about this matter too complicatedly. You can use a silver tea set as your centerpiece. Or, put some crystal glasses in a line, and in each of its space, put some white corals.


You can fill each glass with sugar, salt, pepper, or such, or you can leave them blank. Or, put a huge crystal bowl in the center of your dining table, fill it with colorful little rocks as well as some colorful candies and chocolates. Using a bowl of exotic tropical fruits can also be used as modern dining centerpieces. Just make sure you remove every clutter and make your dining table as clean as possible.

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