Creative Ideas for Decorative Door Stops


The exterior of the house is the first thing that gives people the impression of seeing or visiting your home, and giving them an impression of what your home is like. One way to beautify the exterior is to use door decorations in the form of hangers or door wreaths. Visiting guests will feel welcomed. For those of you who are interested in using door decorations, let’s look at some of the door decor creations that will make your neighbors feel at home visiting your home, which follows!


You can make this door decoration using pieces of wood or leftover wooden pallets. To put it together, you only need to use gun glue and stack it in a circle. Easy, inexpensive and simple!


Have boots that are no longer used? Just use it as a pot to put flowers on, then hang on the main door of the house! Combine the color of the shoe that matches the color of the flower so that it looks harmonious.


You can also make magical frames into beautiful door decorations. For example, for Easter celebrations, you can attach fake grass with colorful eggs to a photo frame.


If you have an umbrella that can’t be opened, don’t hurry away! Try to combine with flower arrangements and give a ribbon for sweetening. After that, hang as a door decoration. Guaranteed people who see it will be furious!


For those of you who want to use small and simple door ornaments, just use a bag of jeans that have been cut. Then tuck a small flower into it. To last long, use fake flowers and glue using glue on the inside.


It seems like the flowers cannot be separated from the door decoration, huh. If you don’t want door decorations that use a lot of flowers, try the model above. You only need to use one large hanging flower, then decorate the bottom with small flowers or grass.


You can make door ornaments from this ribbon as desired. Want to be wrapped around a wooden frame or folded like the picture above is also allowed. Combine the results with additional decorations such as flowers or cute dolls. To be more attractive, use more than 1 color ribbon.


Not only can bags be marked, you can hang giant wooden tags as door decorations. You can write guest greetings on wooden labels, such as “welcome” or greetings. To be replaced, just use a black board and chalk.


Last door decoration creations are bouquets of flowers placed on used cans. To look elegant, use flowers with lots of color variations. You can also paint used cans with cheerful colors to make them look more beautiful.

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