Creative Diy Palette Furniture Decor Ideas

To complete a house, of course you have to buy various furniture and decorations so that your house doesn’t look lonely. Today there are many furniture stores that offer a variety of home appliances according to the design or theme of the house you choose.


The use of wooden pallets as furniture and decorative ornaments is one of the best alternatives for you who want a house with a unique and different impression than usual. You are certainly curious about what kind of wooden pallets can be transformed?

However, if you are included in a creative person, it doesn’t hurt to make your own home furniture from used materials. One of the ingredients that you can use is a wooden pallet. Furniture or decoration from this one material.

For those of you who are still confused, this is the inspiration for furniture and decorations that can be made from used wooden pallets. You only need to repaint the wooden pallet that is not used. Can adjust the color with your room design too, you know. It’s really fitting that you are a lover of rustic designs. No longer need to be busy looking for a work desk. Can be more efficient!

Changed To Swing Bed
Almost the same as the process of making a swing, recycling wood pallets into hammocks aka swing beds can be done by joining the pallets horizontally according to the area you want. After that, connect the four corners with mine or iron chain to hang on the roof truss beam of the room. Then put your mattress on a wooden pallet that has hung. For security reasons, don’t forget to ensure the strength of the materials and the roof truss where you hooked your hammock!

This furniture is very suitable to be placed on the balcony or terrace. So a comfortable place to relax with family. In addition to wooden pallets, you can also use used pipes to impress the house in an industrial style. Also use lights with various shapes to make it more unique. You can put various food ingredients such as fruits or vegetables that you will cook in this storage drawer.

Hanging ceilings from wooden pallets
Hanging ceilings usually consist of gypsum panels hung from iron frames. Well, it never hurts you to replace the panel material with wood pallets. In addition to adding an artistic impression to the room, wooden pallets installed as suspended ceilings can also cover various mechanical installations on the ceiling of the house such as pipes and electrical cables.

You can give wood pallets installed as suspended ceilings with paint or just paint to emphasize the impression of the wooden. If you want to give it a color, you can align it with the color of the ceiling and walls of the room. Alternatively, you can also paint palette wood in a color that really contrasts with the color of other room elements so that the palette wood ceiling becomes more prominent.

Turned into a rustic sofa
You can lay the wood pallets horizontally to part holder. As for the back and armrests of the sofa, you just need to arrange the pallets vertically. All three parts stay put together and given a cushion for the seat and back. To create a rustic impression, you don’t need to paint too much palette wood. Just puree a few dangerous parts.

Stylish Coffee Table
Just by stacking two sets of pallets horizontally, you will get a square coffee table with a simple impression. If you want to be more stylish, you can add a layer of glass on the surface of your recycling table. In addition, additional wheels in the four lower corners can also make your coffee table easier to move. You can place this table in the living room, living room or patio next to the house where you usually relax. If you like cafe-style industrial design, this table is perfect for you!

Those are some of the inspirations for using wood pallet waste that you can change into a variety of decorative furniture. Instead of buying new furniture, it is better to make DIY from this used wooden pallet.