Contemporary Handrails Staircases Decoration Ideas

As we know, the stairs is a building element that functions as a link between different floors. The stairs become a vertical circulation path from the lower floor to the top, or vice versa. Stairs can also function as aesthetic elements.

To obtain a stairs as you would expect, there are some things that need attention. First, about the needs and functions. Second, the safety factor, comfort, and beauty. Third, feng shui (for those who believe).


Stairs are usually placed on the inside of the house and become part of the interior. Although located inside, the stairs still need security that must be considered. To maintain the safety of occupants when walking on the stairs, then install handrails staircases for safety.

Staircase function as a handrail and prevent you from falling while walk on the stairs. Aside from being a security, installation of railing stairs on the both side will make the occupants comfortable when using the household stairs. Staircase models also vary, among others, minimalist models, classic models, modern models, contemporary models, and there are also stair railings or stair railings with luxury models, just adapted to the concept and design style of your home.


To get maximum security, the selected banister or railing material must be high quality and strong, not rusty, and last for a long time. Handrails staircase in addition to functioning as a safety on the stairs, also affect the aesthetics of the interior of the house, therefore choose a model and motif of stair railings with a design that suits your home design model, so as to create a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere of the room, and certainly attract the attention of people who visit your home.


In addition, regarding railing relating to strength and security as one of the functions of the handrails staircase, including:

  1. The choice of materials that are relatively strong and durable. Suggestions using elements of iron material (steel).
  2. Material thickness. Choose materials that are relatively thick to be more sturdy and safe to be used as a barrier.
  3. Use materials that are not easily weathered or damaged, if you have to use glass material you should have a standard strength and safety requirements to use.
  4. Proper installation techniques, such as using a planting system on lamtai or on the wall, can also use welds that have been planted with anchor steel (anker), dynabolt bolt system (not fisher bolts) and do not use a nail system.
  5. If there are children under five in the building consider the design that is safe for children.


The stairs are linked by these stainless steel spheres, which give the staircase a wonderful dynamic– a mix of curves and also straight sides. The style itself can be adapted to fit various interior spaces. It could be established as a straight staircase or a bent or spiral one as well.

The actions themselves are usually made from timber with various offered coatings, but they could additionally be personalized with leather treatments for a softer feeling. Balloon is a really contemporary staircase, certain making a marvelous declaration in the home.

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