Clever Kids Room Toy Storage Ideas You Must Try

Are you designing a room for your kid and you think that kids furniture toy storage is an important part you should not miss? If that is so, it is very possible for you to consider quite highly about whether or not the size of the room makes it possible for you to place the kind of toy storage furniture you want to put in there.


If the size of the room is quite limited, it is strongly not suggested for you to pick the storage furniture only because you want it since there is a possibility for it to take too much space and make the room uncomfortable for the kids to live in. In order to help you out on that, here are some clever ideas related to toy storage that you really must try.

Store kid’s toys in a storage rack with a glass cover. Besides not being easy to dust, this glass storage also makes children’s toys more organized and easy to find because it is visible to our eyes. Keep the storage neat to look beautiful. If the children’s room is small and there is not enough storage space for toys, you don’t need to buy a cupboard. An easy way to tidy up a child’s toys can also be by collecting toys in a plastic tub and place it under the bed.

Bed Skirt and Container for Girl’s Bedroom

The first example of toy storage ideas for small spaces is using bed skirt to cover the available space under your kid’s bed. Well, maybe the skirt does not directly become the storage you need for the toys of your kid but this can cover the lower part of the bed so there will be extra space for storage.

That is also the reason why you need to use containers to be placed under the bed for the storage. It would be nice if the containers have lids so everything stored inside it can always be clean.

Another thing you need to know is that bed skirt is something more suitable to use in girl’s bedroom. The causes are the flowing impression it creates and the design of it, which is usually quite pretty. This makes the idea more suitable to apply in the bedroom of your daughter.

There are several factors that can be considered in the selection of kid’s toys. In terms of benefits for kid growth and development, selected kid’s toys should be able to be a learning medium for kid while stimulating their movements. In terms of taste, kid’s toys can be adjusted to the character of the kid. This initial step can make you pursed choices of toys or dolls that you need most.

Vertical Storage Ideas with Open Shelving

If by any chance you want something that is more neutral so it is suitable for boy’s room and girl’s room, open shelving is definitely the suggestion that is about to be given next in this post. This is very helpful for you in maximizing the use of vertical space in the small kid’s bedroom.

Besides, this kind of wall storage is not only suitable for toys but also other items like books. For you who need recommendation, Pottery Barn kids toy storage can be a recommended choice here since this good brand also has quite a lot choices of open shelving available at the store.