Black and White Room for Masculine Look

Monochromatic color is known to promote simplicity. Thus, it’s better for masculinity. As we all know, masculine look is simpler, less complicated, with less clutter than feminine look, which can be so much fun and colorful. That’s why masculine look, as well as black and white look, can be related to modern style.


You can play with the level of color contrast. For example, a white floor would definitely be suitable to be given a black carpet decoration. Large black frame, would certainly be interesting if it displays a painting with a dominant white color in it. The same rule you can also apply when combining matching black furniture with walls or wooden floors.

If you would like to have one, here are some simple rules of balancing modern black and white rooms. You don’t need to worry about it at all actually. You may think that the rules are going to be so overwhelming.

Well, to be honest, they may be quite overwhelming if you don’t really know what to do to cope with them. However, once you have the hang of them, it’s going to be quite simple.

Furniture Pieces

Bed, as the most essential part in a bedroom, assuming it’s a bedroom you’d want to style, should be made out of dark wood. Next, put on a white bed sheet. Not cream, not broken white, just simple white. Even the pillow cases should be white as well, as white as the bed sheet.

Next, give some accents by adding a small black additional pillow on top of it. Put one medium-sized black chair near the window. On the other side of your bed, put your home theater set as well as TV and speaker. All of them should be black. Make sure there is no other color in your set. A white bed side table and a white vanity can also be used.


Never categorize your furniture pieces based on its color; like black to black and white to white. Combine it as best as you can. In every white furniture piece, always add one accent of black and vice versa. For instance, in white sofa, put some sold black throw pillows. In white bed sheet, add a black pillow.

In a super white wall, pick one side of it to be covered with black and white wallpaper pattern. Or, in black wallpaper covered wall, hang some black and white pictures in frame pictures. Or, install a hanging shelves in unique design for you to place your favorite pictures.

If you really want to change shades through the color of the walls, consider replacing them with black and white bedroom wall wallpapers. In addition to its installation is easier and more efficient, you can also choose the various suitable styles.

Not everyone likes the black component too much, especially in their bedroom. However, that does not mean you miss the opportunity to decorate your bedroom with a monochrome feel. One way you can choose is to use gray. This color is suitable combined with the white walls of the house with light brown wood components like the example above.