Beautiful Makeup Vanity Design Ideas

If you or your wife like to decorate, then the vanity is something that must be in the house. This time, we will share some photos that can be a design idea for a minimalist personal makeup vanity in your home.


Apart from women or men, the presence of a vanity can help daily activities. Starting from using makeup, or just tidying your hair and also matching the look. However, the presence of a makeup vanity is sometimes not very important because it only takes up space and narrows occupancy. In fact, with the right minimalist vanity design and choice, you can still present a minimalist makeup vanity table without fear of wasted space in the dwelling.

As the name implies the vanity table has a function as a place to store jewelry and various women’s accessories, as well as a place to store all the makeup equipment that is commonly used in everyday life such as powder, comb, lipstick, and other makeup equipment. Vanity table is usually made of wood with a large glass top that is used to see one’s appearance.

Even though most makeup vanity are made of wood with a simple design, that does not mean there are no vanity tables made of other materials. Nowadays if you want to buy a vanity table, you will find lots of variations. Starting from a vanity table in general made of wood, or a dressing table made of iron that is given an intricate carving.

For vanity, choose a chair that does not have a backrest on the back. Poeff can be an option. Why is that? Because by using chairs without backrest for your dressing table, this will give a lighter appearance to your dressing table. Besides Poeff chairs usually have a small size so that it is easy to store, you can put this small chair into the dressing table when you do not need it.

Usually, the vanity table is placed in a private room or bedroom. Most people tend to choose a bedroom as a place to put a vanity table, if they don’t have a special room for decoration. This is because, generally clothes are stored in private rooms / bedrooms. And ornate activity is usually done after finishing bathing and dressing.

Some of the following personal vanity designs are very suitable if applied in a minimalist home. The combination of table, chair and mirror is the main element of the vanity table. vanity do not have to be large, because they are not used to accommodate many items. In addition, the size of makeup is relatively small.

One of the important elements needed around the vanity is adequate lighting. So that users can clearly observe the results of their makeup through a mirror. This can be obtained by placing a vanity around the window, or adding lights around the vanity.