Beautiful Diy Glass Jar Chandelier Decoration for Your Home

Glass bottles are certainly easy to find, usually from syrup bottles, soy sauce, or drinks. Well, usually after being used, this glass bottle is only used as a drinking water container or even just thrown away. Even though there are actually 20 unique diy that you can make with glass jar bottles.

Amazing diy chandelier designs with Gold Glass jar material and white curtain decor idea
Amazing diy chandelier designs with Gold Glass jar material and white curtain decor idea

The lights from the mason jar could be a cool light industrial style, beautiful lighting style farmhouse, or being shabby chic chandelier elegant style. It depends on how you want to modify this mason jar.

In fact, to make it you only need a short time. What is his creation like?

Mason jar is certainly not a foreign item anymore. This versatile jar is easy to find and can be used as anything, including for everyday needs. Starting from drinking glasses, flower vases, cake jars, and many more.

In this article there are 8 mason jar decorations that can be made in just 15 minutes. No use is complicated, your house is also more beautiful.

Lantern Chandelier from mason jar
This oil lamp made from mason jars can be made in just 5 minutes, if all the ingredients are ready.

How to make the lamp easy: Fill 2/3 of the jar with kerosene or lamp oil. Make a little hole in the jar lid to insert the axis. Then put the jar lid that had been wicker earlier on the jar.
Don’t turn it on immediately. Leave it for about an hour, because the axis needs time to absorb the oil. If the base of the wick is completely wet with oil, the oil lamp can be turned on.

In the rainy season like now, it will often lead to sudden power outages. For that, you can make a unique candle container using a used jam jar. Besides being useful as a candle holder, this container can also bring autumn-style warmth abroad to your days in a tropical country!

Light bulb from a mason jar
Now it may be rare to use a light bulb, because LED lights are brighter and more efficient. But the light of the light bulb that was rather dim actually became the main attraction, so that many were installed on the table lamp or became decorative lights. Like the decorative lights of this mason jar.

Making it too easy. You can use used newspapers, dried leaves, as well as lace as a decoration. The tools you need are only glue and scissors. It’s as simple as making kindergarten-level crafts, right?

The first thing you need to do is cover the body of the jam jar with leaves, newspaper, lace fabric. Use glue as an adhesive. Then, decorate with a hemp rope formed into a ribbon.

The final step is to put the candle into a jam jar. A dim candle light will illuminate leaves or newsprint, and make this candle container look unique. Your room will feel more comfortable with this decoration.