Astonishing Central Fireplace Design Inspirations

The hall is the central space in each house or apartment. Inside are guests that we welcome and family events that are celebrated, so the interior of this room must be very warm and comfortable. Fireplaces are the ideal design solution for such a room. In the apartment you can install a decorative electric fireplace, and in a private house – gas or wood.


Fireplaces will be able to decorate rooms in private homes, in rural homes or even in apartments. However, it is very important to choose the right fireplace design and then it will most competently emphasize the interior.

As time goes by the classic fireplace is rarely used as heating because there is already an electric fireplace. Today, fireplaces are also used as decorative decorations option to enhance the appearance of a room because it has a very interesting architectural form.

Fireplaces are usually adopted by classical houses, but now with a modern concept you can add them to a list of home building accessories that can be applied to any concept.

Here we will show you some examples of fireplaces that you can apply for additional home design accessories, whether it’s a modern, minimalist or contemporary concept.

How to arrange furniture near a fireplace?

When the fireplace was purchased and put in place, it’s time to take care of the proper placement of furniture. Not only the safety of using such a technique will depend on this, but also the harmonious design. So, how to arrange furniture?

The fireplace is the center of the relaxation area, so there should be a sofa, chair or pouf nearby. Chairs must be placed on both sides of the structure, and in front of it there is a small table. The table must be made in a fireplace color palette. If there is also a sofa in the room, then the upholstery must be in harmony with the chair. The sofa can be placed near the fireplace and decorated with colorful pillows.

If the hall is combined with the dining room, then the dining table must be placed a little further from the fireplace. Chairs and sofas will help you separate the two zones. To decorate the room design with a fireplace will allow a variety of original paintings and candles. They must be made in a distinctive style to blend harmoniously with the fireplace.

Some of the concepts above can be used for a timeless modern classical method. So if you set out to make a comfortable home in a mountainous area like in a cold area, or a highland area, a fireplace is a major need for your family to warm the room.

You don’t need to worry because our architect team will make it happen for you, you just need to contact us about how the classic modern residential concept can be realized for your comfortable home.

Once again, the fireplace is not only to warm the room, but now has changed its function as part of the decoration of a room. With a fireplace in your home, all guests who come to your house must pay attention because not everyone has the desire to use it as a decoration of the room.