Appealing Small Courtyards Design for Small Homes

Having a green and beautiful garden is the dream of every homeowner. Besides being able to bring in fresh air around the house, seeing green foliage is also good for eyes that every day look at computer monitors.


No need to be discouraged if your page is limited. With a little creativity, anyone can have a dream garden. The idea book will show several examples of small parks that are designed according to the conditions and size of the land. Let’s find a design for your dream garden here.

Minimalist garden on the edge of the path will be the right answer if you have a small land beside the house. Make a path and provide bamboo and other shrubs. Bamboo plants, when they grow tall and dense, will also be useful to prevent direct exposure to sunlight.

Artificial pots on the edge of the balcony is a solution for those of you who want a small garden, but do not have a yard or terrace. Make a place of cement plants around the balcony. Also place a lounger for you and your family to relax while joking after a tiring day.

A variety of potted plants on the steps, with various shapes and sizes, frees you to be creative with the type, shape and size of plants that you want. Don’t forget to use the same or similar colored pots to display a minimalist impression.

Use Pot
This certainly can be a solution if there is no open land as the main place for plants to grow. Use pots with neutral colors like white and black or keep the color of your cement pots the way they are. There are still many items that you can change its function as a pot. Also take advantage of your used items such as wicker baskets, buckets, milk cans, and others. Also do a combination in terms of shape and size so it doesn’t look monotonous. Arrange the pots that are tall and contain taller plants at the back, and smaller ones at the front.

Vertical and Horizontal Courtyards
The side of an empty wall on the outside of your house can also be maximized into a garden function by hanging a few pots containing plants. From the arrangement of these plants, you can create to form certain patterns or images. Vertical garden is not a bad idea for you to try to do at home.

Not only vertically, you can also arrange plants lined up horizontally. Empty space in the corner of the wall of the house can be utilized. You can directly use soil media or you can also use pots that follow the wall shape. Do not assume that to have a garden need large and large land area. Even by maximizing free space, the garden can be present to complete your home!

Green areas on narrow land should be restricted so as not to block the path. But this area must also stand out, so that it matches the function of decorating the house. Can be done by placing plants in concrete pots made higher than the ground.

Potted plants can make a very narrow backyard more attractive. Likewise, some plants are planted in the same pot (miniature garden). Keep in mind that miniature parks need special care.

Aesthetic settings are the key to turning narrow land into a charming garden. Besides dividing land for green areas, also provide a place to relax. In this picture the pergola serves as a place to relax, as well as elements that can beautify the garden itself.

Vines do not need a lot of land to grow and develop. In addition, this type of plant does not require special treatment or handling.

Terrace, front yard and space around the entrance can also be used as land for small parks. A park that will provide freshness for anyone who wants to enter the house. In this picture we see there is a combination of several elements, namely wood, stone and plants. Decide where these elements are placed, then a charming little garden can be yours.

Vertical parks are the most appropriate solution to overcome the problem of limited land. It could also be by placing flower pots on the back wall of the house, if you don’t have time to make vertical garden planting media.